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Making love 2 or 3 times a night must have health, time, and envy! But well, normally, if the girl with you is exciting, it should go. The real worry is all we eat, all we drink, Dwarka escorts and the fatigue that prevents us from putting the cover back. In this article, I give you some sexy secrets for Escorts In Dwarka to remember you after a magical night in bed

Intimate confessions: the maximum we did in one night was 6 times with the same girl. And 7 times love when it was 7 different Dwarka Escorts but this is another story. Without Viagra, it is completely possible, and you start a sexual relationship with a new girlfriend, whether it’s the first time with a sex toy dwrka escorts or with “madam”, it is possible to sleep with a woman two or three times in a row, even if you’re tired!

I’m not going to lie to you, I see it, unfortunately: the weight of the years gradually settles on the hips, the breath is not the same, the erection is not always more supported than before but when one wants to make a good first impression in bed, it is better to be able to give everything sexually!

Dwarka Escorts

Why make love 2 or 3 times a night With Dwraka Escorts ?



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That is because the first time is rarely the best, the time that both partners get to know each other and take their marks. Because you have enjoyed too fast the first time and want to catch up, prove to him that you are not a victim of premature ejaculation. Because Independent escorts in Dwarka often take longer to be really hot than us.

Diesel VS Petrol, as usual

Because you have the time and sex is the best thing in the world. Yes, even in front of the football and God knows what it costs me to admit it. And to know more about the technical aspect, I invite you to re-read the article “How to make love the guide “.

Techniques to make love 2 or 3 times a night

Get dressed between two times

A technique of one of my ex, who often dressed after love. She told me rightly, “I want my body to remain an object of mystery, desire, and excitement for you . Dwarka escorts You will never have access to it very long. “

It drove me crazy, and when the Call girls in Dwarka got dressed, it made me want to undress her again! You can use this strategy to make your girlfriend want to make love again with you!

Do non-sex stuff between two times

Before putting the cover back, you can also take a walk in the kitchen, rehydrate, offer a message, change rooms to watch two three stupid videos, laugh together, read to him – why not an erotic novel or poems – and start again as soon as you feel like it!

Advice based on your latency, which is specific to each, and depends on the state of excitement in which you dip the girl.

It’s not just the buttocks in life

Do not tell yourself that making love is only your erect sex: you have fingers and mouth, and toys too! For a girl from Escort services in Dwarka if you use all your possibilities, it also counts as “make love”! Dwraka escorts As long as you think of his pleasure, you are in the right direction!

Hydration and fruits

The secret of my young libertine years. In the evening swinger, surrounded by multiple partners, I wanted to sleep with several girls at once, and with several girls in Dwarka escorts the same evening, and its sport!
And as with any effort, Escorts In Dwarka you have to treat your body like a sportsman’s body!
The Red Bull and energy drinks are not good for the kidneys too, too sweet, too much caffeine, too much chemistry, but it can give a boost to hold several times in Dwrka Escorts one evening.
There was also at the entrance of Candles the choice between sweets, Mars, Lion, Twix, or smarter, strawberries, pineapple or kiwi cut into pieces Dwarka escorts.
This is a technique that I hold from a celebrity Dwarka Escorts of the seduction community.

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